Living La Viudez Loca


Besides graciously tolerating hosting this blog, a few other sites have helped in its creation:

1) Gadgets:
The "social media share" gadget (the sixteen or so buttons under each post and above the "Topics" section) 
is from
2) The visitor tracking map gadget is from although I am considering/open to finding an alternative gadget similar to it.
3) The "Visits by Country" gadget is from
4) General CSS help: mostly Mozilla Developer Network, CSS Tricks., and, of course, the World Wide Web Consortium.
5) Modified CSS code from "How to customize 'About Me' widget in Blogger using CSS?" for .Profile .widget-content>a img (also, I put the code in Dashboard > Layout > Template Designer > Advanced > Add CSS rather than use the HTML Edit, which, IMHO, makes it easier to find and modify if so desired).
6) I also used an idea to remove the comma between words in the post footer labels, but cannot remember the source.  This is done by going to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Then find "<b:if cond='not data:label.isLast'>" and remove the comma between that and </b:if> right after the comma.  One could also change it to another character or characters, such as " ※ " or " ‡ " for a more decorative look.

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