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Friday, July 1, 2016

Jon Best's Groom's Guide to Planning a Wedding In Less Than One Week and On a Budget

I might not be Mary Fiore1, but I can do in a pinch

  1. Choose wedding date.  I've heard that the groom's birthday is an especially suspicious, I mean auspicious, date.
  2. Have ring bought and marriage certificate arranged beforehand
  3. Tell family, friends, and co-workers about wedding.  Financial tip: waiting until it's too late for people to RSVP makes buying and sending invitations unnecessary.
  4. Tell family, friends, and co-workers2 that you met a lady that you're considering marrying.  Wait... did I do that backwards?
  5. Sometime during all of this, ask brother to be the best man and have him accept.
  6. Have co-workers who refuse to go to the wedding if no (free) alcohol will be served.  Considering the wedding and reception will take place in a public park that prohibits such beverages, it's not really a choice.  Besides, such a move eliminates people who aren't there for the nuptials from attending and that's probably not all that great of a loss.
  7. Although not absolutely necessary, having a father who has been a minister and knows someone who can perform the wedding (in Spanish and English, no less) certainly helps3.
  8. Have step-mother willing to buy wedding cake and batteries for boom box to play music at reception.  Remember that it's only the latter that goes into the boom box.
  9. On the day of the wedding, get up and get dressed, wife... I mean, bride (because she wasn't my wife yet) does the same and then prepares ceviche4 for the reception.  Besides the ceviche, I believe we also had tostadas and soft drinks.
  10. Have co-worker who introduced you to each other do bride's hair and helps with her makeup.
  11. Go to park (I'm 90% sure it was the McKinnon Neighborhood Park, but have a slight bit of doubt).  Did I see her before the wedding?  I believe so, but it's not like I believe in superstitions so it turned out ok after all.
  12. Give a little time for anyone who wants to show up to do so.
  13. Have wedding and don't mess up any lines.  Since I think all I had to say was "I do", that made it fairly easy.  Kiss the bride when minister gives the order.
  14. Par-tay!  (Sorry, no bouquet or garter belt to toss)
  15. Not know that one is supposed to pay the minister and have father volunteer to do so.  Have witnesses and minister sign form.
  16. Cut the cake.
  17. Have co-worker do the traditional (at least I guess it is in Mexico) smearing of a bit of frosting on my and my lovely wife's lovely nose (hers, not mine).
  18. Get toasted with apple cider.
  19. Get birthday card from father and step-mother.
  20. That's pretty much it.  We took the remaining wedding cake home after that and lived more-or-less-happily ever (or at least until she died) after.
1 Especially since I did not fall in love with the groom.
2 If one of these co-workers happens to be the person who introduced you to each other, that's one less person you have to tell since she probably already knows.
3  And, yes, that does mean we did not have someone to perform the ceremony until a few days before the event.
4 Mexican sushi
5 Sorry, I couldn't find a ceviche4 recipe on YouTube in English.

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