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Saturday, July 16, 2016

I wet my be... Wait a minute! Who writes these headlines?

Although I suppose there could be worse alternatives1

It all began with "Let there be light", although that might be taking an introduction to the topic a little too far.  Suffice to say, sleeping in my bed has become a bit of an adventure (not that I'm suggesting that anyone other than I try it2) since a recent ant invasion.  I'm not sure if any uncles3 were involved, but I immedia soonishly binged4 "get rid of ants", which led me to a page that suggested a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon and a half of dish soap, and some water in a spray bottle.  Being a man, I of course didn't measure.  Furthermore, since it doesn't say where exactly to spray, I tried spraying it directly on them and found their claim that the ants "will stay clear away from" the solution because of the alcohol was a little understated.  Specifically, they weren't alive enough to do so after a shot or two, although that might be because of the dish soap rather than the rubbing alcohol.

1 My bed has a wet spo5.... NO! NO! NO!  Bad headline writer, bad!  Anyway, it's gone now.
2 Although that might (or might not) be subject to change in the future.
3 A joke the appreciation of which will be severely reduced by those who pronounce "aunt" as "awnt".
4 It's like Googling, except using Bing.
5 Not that I mind discussing topics involving that subject.  It's just that I wasn't referring to the common definition of that term.  Furthermore, I would think that towels (either under the affected area before or over afterwards) would usually solve the problem.

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