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Saturday, July 16, 2016

I wet my be... Wait a minute! Who writes these headlines?

Although I suppose there could be worse alternatives1

It all began with "Let there be light", although that might be taking an introduction to the topic a little too far.  Suffice to say, sleeping in my bed has become a bit of an adventure (not that I'm suggesting that anyone other than I try it2) since a recent ant invasion.  I'm not sure if any uncles3 were involved, but I immedia soonishly binged4 "get rid of ants", which led me to a page that suggested a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, a teaspoon and a half of dish soap, and some water in a spray bottle.  Being a man, I of course didn't measure.  Furthermore, since it doesn't say where exactly to spray, I tried spraying it directly on them and found their claim that the ants "will stay clear away from" the solution because of the alcohol was a little understated.  Specifically, they weren't alive enough to do so after a shot or two, although that might be because of the dish soap rather than the rubbing alcohol.

1 My bed has a wet spo5.... NO! NO! NO!  Bad headline writer, bad!  Anyway, it's gone now.
2 Although that might (or might not) be subject to change in the future.
3 A joke the appreciation of which will be severely reduced by those who pronounce "aunt" as "awnt".
4 It's like Googling, except using Bing.
5 Not that I mind discussing topics involving that subject.  It's just that I wasn't referring to the common definition of that term.  Furthermore, I would think that towels (either under the affected area before or over afterwards) would usually solve the problem.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bit of a headache

Sorry, today's post has been cancelled.  Except this is today's post.  And it's here.  Sounds like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, surrounded by a conundrum, compounded by a complexity, steeped in puzzle, infused with a quandry....  Well, I suppose Churchill had a better idea of when to stop than I do.  Whatever I was going to write about is going to have to wait until later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yep, it's laundry day again

Translation: It Took So Long To Do Laundry That I Can't Think Of  a Topic I Can Write a Quick Post About

Sorry about that, but sometimes real life get int the way of things you want to do and I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment.  So I'll just leave a few of my favorite YouTube videos:
Because weight fluctuation ≠ weight loss
Wonder how much practice that took?
I already figured this out....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What fun can one guy have with two pairs of nearly indentical glasses?

Another busy day, another late, quick post.  So let's get down to it: Just seeing how long it takes people to realize I not only have new glasses, but two new pairs of them.    While the brown/gold-ish pair do look a lot like my old pair (the new ones are a bit darker in the frame, but lighter on the "plastic" ear covering), I would think the sudden absence of the tape used to hold the old pair together would make it obvious.  Or maybe I did too good of a job with the scotch tape so that no one noticed it?  However, I suppose that means that you, my dear and loyal readers, are privy to a secret that the virtually the rest of the world knows nothing about.  So don't go telling anyone, make them suffer for not reading my blog even if they don't know they're suffering, 'kay?
Got to get ready for work.  Just remember to tune into (maybe) the same Jon-time, on the same Jon-blog.

Today's quick trivia question: what label first makes its appearance with this post?

Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm going Gotham style (Op, op, op, op)

(With Apologies to Psy)

That certainly was a lot painful than I thought.  Only $170 for two pairs of glasses.  It would have $150 but I added on the option of UV400 coating for $10/pair.  It also helps that I forewent both the progressive (which I probably wouldn't have included even if it didn't cost extra) and polychromic lens options.  Anyway, I bought them at Complete Eye Care Center (location: 2825 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016).  The frames are more or less identical (except one is "gold", the other "silver") and based on remembering seeing "Gotham" and what I remember of the logo, forgot that, I just saw that they have the manufacturer's name (GOTHAMSTYLE) and the design (STAINLESS# 5 CE) on the inside of one of the arms and the color (BROWN for the "gold" pair and "GUN" for the "silver") on the other.
Then, to top them off, I ordered two pairs of Square Lite Smoke and a pair of  Delta "fits over" sunglasses, plus a Foster Grant lens repair and cleaning kit online from Dioptics Sunwear.  They would have been $57.60 altogether, but the sunglasses were 50% off, which made it only $32.17.  I'll have to write a follow up post tomorrow since it's getting time for me to go to work.  Hasta la vista, person-of-indeterminate-age!